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Located at KUFTA in the heart of mother nature. 6 KM from Kufri and 2KM from Gallu new kufri Fun Campus the famous tourist spot of Shimla Hills. 21KM from Shimla city. Connected with fantastic country roads you will enjoy the ride and never forget. All over 3 D like Himalayan view, look like a dream come true. See the sun rising and sunset. The peace of mind you will feel here. You will come for a week but feel never to go back.

The KUFTA (Nala) village of legends and Folklore. Ancient traditional Heritage village temple, you will always remember. Population of about 200 all simple pahari peoples, you will like to live with. Lovely tracks to walk. Surroundings full of hilly flora and fauna. Located at top of all nearby places. Feel like on top of all.

Surrounded by dense Devdar forest. Full of animals. Snow bound from Dec to Mar every year. Take the track route and reach DURGA TEMPLE at Desu peak. The highest place in vicinity. If you love animals, the ZOO at Kufri is there. The snow leopard and bear are there. Shimla city is not too far only 40 minute ride. Visit local town Theog and Cheog full of pahari traditional items and culture. The apple garden in the vicinity. See the apples loaded trees from your room. See the fresh vegetables field and enjoy the vegetables we grow ourselves.


We have family of Three. All loving and caring. The caring Mother always there to look after the needs. One young sons and we the couple. We have a healthy cow to provide you pure milk. The mighty dogs whom you will love to touch.

All modern amenities of the world. Wooden furnished rooms with fresh air and sunny side, attach toilets and bathrooms. One can cook by himself/herself we have separate kitchen facility too. Nothing more to say. Come and enjoy the natural peaceful life here. If you stay at our home, will never like to go back to your home.